Soccer-Specific ABT Program

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Soccer-Specific ABT Program


The Soccer-Specific Athletic Based Training Program is our most detailed video collection to date. We walk you through an entire week's worth of work out plans so that you can train like a Phase 1 Soccer player. Join Mike Waters and Jason Eng for in-depth instructional work outs that will take your game to the next level. This weekly routine should be repeated for 6 weeks to achieve the intended results of superior strength & conditioning.  Recommended for competitive soccer players.

Weekly Overview

Day 1: Lower Body

Day 2: Agility

Day 3: Upper Body

Day 4: Agility

Day 5: Full Body

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This gym-based program requires that you have access to a gym with basic equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, trap bar, TRX, plyo boxes, and medicine balls.