About Us


P1 Soccer is a family of like-minded players who believe in hard work and dedication to achieving higher levels of success. This is where the ones that want nothing more than to succeed come to reach their goals. It is more than just a gym, and we are more than just soccer players. We are the fastest growing soccer program in Las Vegas working with individuals on the technical, physical and mental aspects of their game. Phase 1 Soccer offers the coaching that players need to develop their game and transform themselves as greater athletes. It is more than just a place to train, it is a second-home where everyone is family.

Jason Eng, the director of the Phase 1 Soccer project, has a story behind the brand that sets it apart from the others. In high school, Jason left his hometown to live at a residential soccer academy. Jason began playing full-time for MLS Academies all four years of high school. Growing up away from home, Jason learned that Vegas soccer is far behind the rest of the country, and explains why there are so few players that make it to the collegiate or professional levels from Vegas. While his career is only just beginning, he plans to pass down everything he learns to those on the same journey. Now he has taken his passion for the game and teaching others, and created the Phase 1 Soccer brand.